Amorphous Core Transformers

Amorphous core transformers reduce the electrical energy losses up to 40% when comparing with conventional transformers and thereby reduce the CO2 emissions considerably. The environmental contribution of certain amorphous transformers can be seen as an equivalent of over 300 trees per year. This is significant reduction on environmental impact and ATL are supporting the application of this technology wherever possible and project permitting.

 AT present ATL produces amorphous transformers bespoke to order, however ATL is planning to present a standard series of Amorphous transformers in the near future

Power Range

2kVA to 500kVA



Input voltage

up to 20kV




Typically rated, 50/60/400





Output voltage

up to 6.6kV




IEC 60076



Ambient Temperature

-25 to 50 Deg C



IP Rating

IP00,  IP21 or IP31



Amorphours Core Transformers for 400Hz Applications

50/60Hz Amorphours Core Transformers

Oil cooled Amorphous Core Transformers

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