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To contact us please use the emails provided below and a member of the team will get back to you as soon as possible, alternatively you can call the office using the number provided or use the email address to send through your mailing system. Unless stated all enquiries will be dealt with, within 48 hours of receiving the email/phone call.


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Electrical Engineering Enquiries:

What's the maximum size transformer you can manufacture?
Currently we offer up to 1MVA for air cooled and 25MVA for oil filled and cast resin.
I'm looking for a transformer that isn't listed on your website, can you make customer specified transformers?
Yes, we offer bespoke products to customer requirements as standard and at no charge.
I'm looking for Datasheets and Literature where can I find them?
Currently we are loading all data onto the new site so please bare with us. In the mean time please contact us and any data required can be sent straight out to you.
I'm in need of detailed information such as calculated losses and operating capacity, where can I find this?
This data is derived from the design on bespoke requirements. We can furnish this data on completion of design or design to meet your specifc values. For standard series products this data can be found on the datasheets either on the website or on request.
Can you provide scaled 3D models?
ATL can provide 3D Models or 2D drawings upon request, please refer to the T number (part number) / order number when contacting us. 3D files will be sent in .step or .iges format depending on preference, most of all 3D software supports these files. For drawings we can supply a universal .dxf file for 2D software.

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