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Audited and approved by the British standards Institute, ATL are fully compliant to the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 

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Rail Industry

ATL design and deploy leading magnetics to the rail network and its principle contractors. We offer the highest specifications on the market while maintaining competitive pricing against alternative legacy technology. Our magnetics are approved for use by Network rail, Crossrail, London underground and are widely used to support Designers, Route asset manager,Maintainers & Installers. As the preferred solution in rail ATL’s New generation of magnetics, eco-rail is raising the bar on quality and performance, delivering unprecedented levels of weight/size reduction, ergonomics, carbon reduction and safety.


  • Electrification & Power
  • (PSP)  Principle Supply Point Power
  • Signalling
  • (FSP) Functional Supply Point Power
  • Power Distribution
  • Circuit Interface, Isolation & Segrogation
  • (DITA) Distribution Interface transformer assemblies)
  • Auxilliary supply point transformers for non critical circuits
  • Class I, Class II & Hybrid Tapologies
  • (PHT) Points heating transformers
  • (TJ’s) Point Drive transformer rectifiers
  • Legacy retrofit (SIN projects)
  • Electrification & Power
  • Stations & Platforms
  • Train carriages
  • Trackside assets
Mining Industry

ATL manufacture lightweight, high power solutions with improved efficiency & reliability for the mining sector. Suitable for use in harsh, high pressure environments where AC/DC power conversion is a requirement. ATL can tailor a solution to your exact voltage, frequency and filtering system requirements. 


  • Above/Below Ground
  • Pit & Process plant
  • Power Distribution
  • Compact/Low profile Installations
  • Longwall Transformers
  • Special Environmental Conditions
Oil & Gas Industry

A range of of dry-type, Cast resin and liquid-filled transformers are available designed to meet the requirements of oil, gas and chemical industry. We deliver solutions for both land and offshore applications in Stainless or plated steel tanks suitable for corrosive environments delivering Reliability, durability & safety within the harshest of environments.y power all aspects of power distribution from the main substation to every sector of the refinery, petrochemical plant, offshore platform, and marine vessel.


  • Land & Offshore
  • Marine vessels
  • Harsh Environments
  • Main Substations
  • Refinaries
  • Petrochemical
  • Plant
  • Offshore platforms

Marine & Maritime Industry

A range of  dry-type, Cast resin and liquid-filled transformers to Lloyds register specification are available from ATL for the Marine and maritime Industry. Our range focus on high efficiency, reduced noise, vibration, weight & size with thermal & electrical safety being key considderations within the design process. Manufactured with non corrosive housings and parts this range is resiliant to exposed sea air and deluge delivering Reliability, durability & safety.



  • Shore/Dockyard Power
  • Pleasure vessels
  • Commercial Vessals
  • Military/NATO Vessals
  • Harsh Environments
  • Limited access and reduced space locations
  • Motor starting
  • Ships & Servery Power
Aerospace & Aeronautical Industry

ATL design and manufacture magnetics in the 400KHz frequency range for the aeronautical industry. Our products have been supplied into a large number of prestigeous projects from Fighter jets to one of the words largest commercial airlines. As part of a safety critical system these magnetics have to perform consistantly and without any opportunity for failure. They are designed to withstand transient voltages and extreme dynamically changing environments such as altitude, Temperature and humidity. ATL offer solutions for increased performance with reduced noise,vibration, weight & size while delivering Reliability, durability & safety.



  • Battery charging systems
  • Actuator & Flight control systems
  • Flightdeck systems
  • Military/NATO
  • Commercial
  • Harsh Environments
  • Light weight compact systems
  • Critical systems


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Customer & Clients

ATL over 40 years has built and maintained a large portfolio of clients from small innovative companies up to large established global concerns. Each as valuable to us as the next we remain dynamic and responsive to every enquiry and work with our clients to deliver the most competetive, market leading solutions.