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Performance Textiles

ATL Transformers offers a wide range of performance textiles that are engineered for a variety of uses in multi-sectors. These products have proved successful in horticultural, agricultural, military & defense.’




FLIRmask – Thermal Shielding Protection

FLIRmask – Infared Shielding Protection

FLIRmask® is far thinner than comparable foils and films already on the market at just 0.22mm gauge, it is chemical, algae, mould and flame resistant. It is flexible and easy to cut making it easy to install, yet rigid and durable when in place thus is suitable for indoor and outdoor use .

In short, FLIRmask® is a high-performing and competitively priced, all-in-one solution for thermal and infrared shielding needs. 

For Further information on FLIRmask® and where to buy it, please check the FLIRmask website here


Industries and Sectors

● Military & Defense
● Agriculture
● Hydroponics


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Designed for Multipurpose Applications


Military Shielding
FLIRmask® has a unique design which makes it unrivalled as FLIR infrared thermal shielding material.

Thermal Shielding
FLIRmask® has a unique material compound which works as a heat shielding material offering truly superior insulation.

Super Reflective
FLIRmask® works as a reflective sheeting, the outer layer is 98% aluminum giving reflectance across the full spectrum.

Grow Film
With industry leading super high reflectance and thermal shielding properties FLIRmask® is an ideal hydroponic grow film.


Our In House Developed Programmes Delivery the Optimum Solution

Decades of experience developing magnetic’s to Industry manufacturing standards ensure that our products deliver high efficiency, long asset life, and ultimately zero failure rates.

ATL’s wealth of industry experience designing custom solutions has built a high level of knowledge used to create our own in house  highly sophisticated design programmes. These programmes give us flexibility within any design while giving customers an economically efficient tailored solution.

Utilisation of these programmes allows us to deliver the optimum design for our clients requirements delivering cost reductions and high levels of efficiency throughout the design.


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