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‘Industry often believes that magnetic’s slow down the development of power electronics due to physics and the challenging nature of magnetic design aligned to the rapid evolution in this sector. ATL has addressed this challenge with a series of innovations in inductor and choke technologies’

ATL have a long heritage and expertise in the design and manufacture of inductor’s, AC reactors and DC chokes for a wide range of applications. The detailed knowledge, experience and innovative ideas that ATL have sought and acquired over four decades has enabled us to provide the best solutions for any given application.     

 ATL has the knowledge and experience on the performance and limitations of magnetic materials such as Si steel, Amorphous, Nanocrystalline, 6.5% silicon steel & different grades of ferrite etc.     

ATL offers a standard Si steel series as well as new generation ranges of amorphous core AC reactors, DC Chokes and common mode chokes all optimised for specific industry requirements. We provide competitive and complete solutions for bespoke and product line applications.

Inductance Range: several µH to a several mH

Fundamental currents: up to 2500A (DC or low frequency currents)

Ripple frequencies: up 500kH (0.5MHz)

Isolation:  typically up to 6kV, higher isolation levels as requested.       

Insulation classes: B(130) , F (155) and H(180)

Ambient temperature:   -40 to +50 Deg C

IP Rating: IP00, IP23 or IP65

Innovative magnetics for your application’s while delivering cost effective, high efficient, reliable and compact solutions. 

Though there are certain disadvantages and manufacturing difficulties associated with its construction, the toroidal core is one of the most efficient magnetic circuits that can be practically achieved.  ATL is capable of producing inductor’s with totodial cores for a wide range of applications. These include conventional toroidal inductors as well as challenging high power toroidal inductors with multiple air gaps.      

Inductors & Chokes Range 


  •  Toroidal Inductors 
  •  Single Phase Inductors
  •  Three Phase Inductors
  •  Water Cooled Inductors
  •  Cast Resin Reactors

  • High isolation voltage 
  • Enclosed construction
  • High temperature resistant insulation materials  
  • Thermal monitoring  on bespoke items as necessary. 


  • Paint color/Finish
  • Copper or Aluminium windings
  • Si Steel , Hi Si Steel, Ferrite, Amorphous, nanocrytalline core materials 
  • Mild steel, Stainless steel, Aluminium or composite housings.
  • Distribution housings
  • Power connectors
  • Stud, Din rail, Busbar, Lug connections
  • Bespoke geometry to fit chalenging space envelopes

In addition to open frame models we offer transformer and inductor solutions within our own unique and robust Industrial enclosures. We can service any IP rating requirements from standard indoor IP2X rating, IP5X Outdoor weatherproof applications and submersible solutions. Our swan neck type transformer housing introduced by ATL and now widely duplicated across industry provides a degree of cooling in these naturally cooled dry type transformers while maintaining superior levels of ingress protection.


Our In House Developed Programmes Delivery the Optimum Solution

Decades of experience developing magnetic’s to Industry manufacturing standards ensure that our products deliver high efficiency, long asset life, and ultimately zero failure rates.

ATL’s wealth of industry experience designing custom solutions has built a high level of knowledge used to create our own in house  highly sophisticated design programmes. These programmes give us flexibility within any design while giving customers an economically efficient tailored solution.

Utilisation of these programmes allows us to deliver the optimum design for our clients requirements delivering cost reductions and high levels of efficiency throughout the design.


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