We are ATL Transformers – A reputable family owned company, specializing in the design and manufacture of industry leading transformers and associated magnetic components.

Established as a British family business for over 40 years, ATL Transformers have a long heritage in the field of magnetics across multiple sectors and have the technical expertise and capacity to service industry requirements, backed by a high level of customer service and support.

About ATL Transformers


ATL, the leading design & manufacturer of small to medium power transformers have been established in the sector for over 40 years. ATL Transformers occupies a modern factory close to the motorway network, employs a dedicated and skilled workforce, and deploys a wealth of experience and the latest advances in materials technology to design, manufacture and test our products in accordance with BS, IEC, Network Rail, UL and CSA Standards.

We are audited and approved to ISO 9001:2015 with BSI the British standards agency for our risk focused quality management system and are an RISQS qualified, audited and approved Link up supplier to the railways by Achilles. In addition to our accreditations we have been internally audited and approved by various Tier 1 & 2 companies such as Network Rail and Alstom for our Quality systems, procedures and for Rail specific product approvals.

Our expertise resides in the field of Single & Three Phase Isolation Transformers, A.C Reactors, DC Choke’s, Air cored Inductors and specialist wound products up to 500kVA for industries such as Rail Signaling, Underground, Marine, Military, Power generation, and machine building sectors. ATL continues to work with, and alongside our customers to engineer innovative solutions and develop technologies that match their requirements and further, develop long-term mutually beneficial business relationships.

Our Vision
To further enhance our status as the leading authority on transformer design and development.

Our Mission
Drive the innovation of magnetics to enable the development of novel magnetic solutions with improved efficiency, enhanced reliability, high degree of miniaturization at a competitive price and with the highest customer satisfaction

• Established in the sector for almost 40 years ATL Transformers occupies a modern factory In Greater Manchester.

• Possess a dedicated and skilled workforce, a wealth of experience and the latest advances in materials technology to design, manufacture and test our products in accordance with BS,IEC , Network Rail, UL and CSA Standards.

• ATL’s expertise resides in the fields of Single & Three Phase Isolation Transformers, A.C Reactors, DC Choke’s, Air cored Inductors and specialist wound products up to 900kVA and expanding the expertise in to high power high frequency magnetics and smart Transformer technology.

A message from the Managing Director

Thank you for visiting ATL Transformers, a family run business established in Greater Manchester, Uk by the Haide family back in the early 70’s. I have played with transformers and magnetic’s all of my life and get to work with an amazing team of dynamic people at ATL Transformers.

In the course of our journey from those early days I have watched the evolution of ATL aligned with advancements in technology and while a different company today the core principles for Reliability, Safety, Quality, Performance and Service remain etched in all that we do. We are fortunate to have worked with some great companies over the years and today continue to work on prestigious projects with intuitive and inspirational engineers each leading in their chosen fields. We welcome any and all challenging magnetics projects from industry. It is these projects and initiatives that fuel us to search outside of the conventional and to which in most cases delivers a novel solution. 

Our strategic mission in principle is to continue providing an industry leading product and service to our new and long standing valued clients, but to also further our research and efforts in the discovery of unprecedented advancements in the field of magnetic’s. Advancements that in collaboration with our customers and the wider scientific and academic communities will improve the world of power generation, conversion and distribution. 

All that we might accomplish and finish, we will..

Neville D Haide


Company Founded


Established in the Early 70’s as Aid Transformers, the company changed it’s name to ATL Transformers during the 1980’s.

Sustained Growth


ATL expanded and moved to a purpose built modern factory in Manchester. Built on existing client base.

Secured Accreditations


• ATL obtained ISO9001:2011 now ISO9001:2015.

• ATL also obtained RISQS Rail Industry supplier qualified. Audited and approved by Network Rail, Alstom Transport

Network Rail Sponsored


ATL extends its technology to Network rail and principle contractors to develop the next generation of Magnetics on the railways for Signaling and power topologies.
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Technical & Experience

Plan & Design

Our experienced engineers work to your specifications and deliver the best possible solutions. We look for opportunities for improvement in all cases when designing to meet customers requirements

Manufacturing & Test

ATL manufactures and tests all of it’s transformers in house and has a workforce dedicated to delivering excellent quality. We have a thorough in process and final test and inspection protocol that ensures every product leaves the factory as expected by our clients.

Delivery & Feedback

Once our product leaves the factory, ATL extends support as required. We liaise with our clients post delivery to gain product performance feedback which is then used to improve future products innovation.

Years Established

Combined Years of Experience