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Dry Type Transformers

‘Large & small, dry type transformers are the preferred choice for a vast range of applications. ATL have over four decades of expertise in manufacturing high quality dry type transformers to industry’ 

ATL offers a comprehensive range of Copper and Aluminium wound dry type transformers. These are presented in a standard product series as well as bespoke solutions tailored to meet your specific system requirements.

Our continuous search for advances in magnetic’s keep us at the forefront of transformer design and manufacture. We avoid the conventional and push the boundaries of magnetic’s everyday. This is what sets us apart in industry and what has delivered many of our innovations to date.



Dry type transformers are available as isolation, safety isolation as well as auto wound transformers. They are available for a wide range of system topologies and distribution voltages. We offer Single phase, Three phase, Three phase to single phase, phase shifting and harmonic mitigation with our  multi pulse magnetic’s.

ATL manufactures a standard range of dry type transformers up to a power level of 1.5MVA and up to 12kV bracket aligned to IEC 60076 and IEC61558 standards.

The details of our standard series can be provided upon request and ATL’s technical team is available to discuss your bespoke requirements day and night.


Typical Dry Type Product –

Transformer for Event Power.

Step-up /Step down Isolation transformers for the event hire sector. This range deliver critical power to PA and lighting equipment among other functional circuits. With IP56 ratings and manufactured from non corrosive materials this range has to withstand harsh environments and are ran continuously day and night at full power. Our Event Power range offer a high level of reliability with robust constructions and come within heavy duty galvanised crash frames with optional wheels.

Fitted with Primary and secondary pad lockable distribution boxes, Circuit protection, Powerlock connectors and tap selection. This range is also supported with associated Insulated output assemblies and extension leads

Dry Type Transformer Range

  • Three Phase
  • Three Phase to Single Phase
  • Low Voltage
  • High Voltage
  • Isolation
  • Safety Isolation
  • Auto Wound

ATL’s range of Dry type transformers exceed the requirements of Industry manufacturing standards. All of our dry type transformers go through a specialised process to remove moisture from insulation’s prior to varnish and curing operations. Our unique mechanical construction methods derived over years of practical expearience ensure that under dynamic loading our windings are secure and free from movement throughout the asset life of the product with novel cooling techniques and robust insulation. Our detailed knowledge, experience and innovative culture allow us to provide the best solutions and processes for any given application.     

  • Fusing
  • DMT protection
  • MCB & MCCB protection
  • IMD (Insulation monitoring Devices)
  • Isolation
  • Lockable doors and panels
  • Tap changers
  • CT’s
  • Thermal monitoring and protection 


  • Paint color/Finish
  • Copper or Aluminium windings
  • Mild steel, Stainless steel, Aluminium or composite housings.
  • Distribution housings
  • Power connectors
  • Stud, Din rail, Busbar, Lug connections
  • Bespoke geometry to fit chalenging space envelopes
  • AC to DC conversion
  • Harmonic mitigation
  • K factor system compatibility
  • Configurable Inrush, Impedance, Regulation, Inductance, Leakage current,Temperature rise, Vector group & Class Designation.

In addition to open frame models we offer transformer solutions within our own unique and robust Industrial enclosures. We can service any IP rating requirements from standard indoor IP2X rating, IP5X Outdoor weatherproof applications and submersible solutions. Our swan neck type transformer housing introduced by ATL and now widely duplicated across industry provides a degree of cooling in these naturally cooled dry type transformers while maintaining superior levels of ingress protection.

Designed for You

Our Dry Type Transformers are Fully Customisable

Open Type Transformer

Enclosed Transformer

Multiple Assembly Transformer


Our In House Developed Programmes Delivery the Optimum Solution

Decades of experience developing magnetic’s to Industry manufacturing standards ensure that our products deliver high efficiency, long asset life, and ultimately zero failure rates.

ATL’s wealth of industry experience designing custom solutions has built a high level of knowledge used to create our own in house  highly sophisticated design programmes. These programmes give us flexibility within any design while giving customers an economically efficient tailored solution.

Utilisation of these programmes allows us to deliver the optimum design for our clients requirements delivering cost reductions and high levels of efficiency throughout the design.


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