Inductors and Chokes


ATL has the expertise in the design and manufacturing of inductors and chokes for a wide range of applications. The detailed knowledge and experience that ATL has on the performance and limitations of magnetic martials such as Si steel, Amorphous, Nanocrystalline, 6.5% silicon steel different grades of ferrite etc. enable us to provide the best solution for a given application.

ATL offers several standard product series for amorphous core inductors, common mode chokes and standard Si steel core inductors. ATL also provide completive solutions for bespoke applications.

Inductances Rangeseveral µH to a several mH
Fundamental Currentsup to 2500A (DC or low frequency currents)
Ripple Frequenciesup 500kH (0.5MHz)
Isolationtypically up to 6kV, higher isolation levels as requested.
Insulation ClassesB(130) , F (155) and H(180)
Ambient temperature-40 to 50 Deg C
IP RatingIP00, IP23 or IP65

Line Frequency Inductors 

Ferrite Core Inductors

Amorphous and Nanoicrystaline Inductors 

Commom Mode Chokes 

Nanocrystaline Commom Mode Chokes

Air Cored Inductors

Water Cooled Inductors 

Cast Resin Inductors

Specialised windings for MRI, X-Ray and similar applications 

Three Phase Reactors 

Cast Resign Inductors 

Specialised windings for MRI, X-Ray and similar applications 

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