ATL Transformers, Announcements
15 March 2024

ATL Staff Raise Money and Awareness for Comic Relief 2024.

Today is 🔴 Comic Relief 🔴, the staff here at ATL Transformers has raised money and awareness to the charitable event by the form of fancy dress. Andrew Marjoram dressed as Captain America alongside Del Boy from Only Fools and Horses (Kevin King, Mark Chadwick & Pete). Gaz is shown wielding the Mjölnir Hammer of Thor🔨.

Special thanks goes to our production staff Andrew Marjoram and Kevin King for organizing the fund raiser and have raised over £350, well done guys!

Quick Reminder: 🔴Red Nose Day is an annual charitable event that helps those less fortunate who live in poverty and injustice. Donations help fund food, shelter and support for those vulnerable living in these conditions across the world🔴


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