ATL Transformers, Announcements
1st August 2023

This Weeks Product Spotlight 🔦 – 180KVA, 750VDC 3 Phase Traction Rectifier

Liaising with a valued client, ATL Transformers have recently designed, built and delivered another technically challenging solution within a highly critical timescale.

Equipped with on-board protection circuitry, switches and devices to satisfy functional & safe operation, this 180KVA, 750VDC 3 Phase Traction Rectifier transformer has now been successfully commissioned last week and is fulfilling her intended purpose moving trains within the Alstom rail depot.

This particular project, like many we receive at ATL was challenging however interested us right from the initial enquiry stage. It has been a pleasure to work with and develop this product to support our client from start to finish. Being such a critical project, we are immensely proud to have been selected again to meet the client’s objectives and overall infrastructure requirements to satisfy their functional operations.

We continue to push the boundaries of innovation and are wholly committed to the development of challenging and novel solutions for the rail sector. In typical ATL fashion, we utilised our innovative pedigree, latest technologies, materials and ATL knowledge to develop and manufacture a quality product that will support improved overall system efficiency and operator safety for the duration of its operational life.

We welcome challenging projects, talk to us today to see how we can help you solve your industry challenges.☎️


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